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We'll be closed on Saturday 30th April and Bank Holiday Monday (2nd May 2016), reopening at 8am on Tuesday 3rd May.

Looking for a new computer in Swindon? Try Manor Solutions!

At Manor Solutions we pride ourselves on being able to build computer systems to suit any requirement (and most budgets!) from a basic PC to run office applications, check your email and browse the Internet to a machine capable of playing the latest games!

Below are some of our standard systems to give you an idea of what a new PC might cost you, if you need a different case, bigger hard disk drive, more memory or better graphics get in touch via email or call us on 01793 533300 and one of our team will be happy to give you a quote for a PC built to your requirements!

New Computers, Built to Order

System 1 - Intel Dual Core G3220

  • Intel Dual Core G3220 Processor
  • Black and Silver Tower Case
  • 4Gb DDR3 Memory
  • 500Gb Hard Disk Drive
  • DVD Rewriter (DVDRW)
  • USB3

System 2 - Intel Dual Core i3 4130

  • Intel Dual Core i3 4130 Processor
  • Black and Silver Tower Case
  • 8Gb DDR3 Memory
  • 1tb Hard Disk Drive
  • DVD Rewriter (DVDRW)
  • USB3

System 3 - Intel Quad Core i5 4460

  • Intel Quad Core i5 4460 Processor
  • Black and Silver Tower Case
  • 16Gb DDR3 Memory
  • 500Gb Hard Disk Drive
  • GT740 1GB DDR5 Graphics
  • DVD Rewriter (DVDRW)
  • USB3
  • WiFi

System 4 -Intel Quad Core i7 4790

  • Intel Quad Core i7 4790 Processor
  • Black and Silver Tower Case
  • 32Gb DDR3 Memory
  • 120gb Solid State Drive 
  • 2TB (1000GB) Hard Disk
  • GTX750 2GB DDR5 Graphics
  • DVD Rewriter (DVDRW)
  • USB3
  • WiFi

We normally have each of the systems above in stock and additional systems and custom specifications can be built for collection the following day in most cases.

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Shop & Repair Centre

Our shop and repair centre are easy to find, at the front of BSS House on Cheney Manor Industrial Estate in Swindon...

Unit 28, BSS House
Cheney Manor Industrial Estate
Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 2PJ

tel: 01793 533300


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