Scam email alert: "PayPal : Unlock Credit Card Now"

Did you know that Paypal offer a credit card?  Well the scammers do and for the first time today I received a scam email (click here to view the email) that was intended to trick me into providing my Paypal login details.  

If I were to have fallen for this trick it would have given the scammers access to my Paypal account and allowed them to empty it of any funds and to use it to pay for anything they fancied (remember that your Paypal account is linked, in most cases, to your bank account or credit card).

A couple of important things to remember about emails from PayPal:

  • The real ones will ALWAYS address you by your first and last name that they have on file (Hello John Smith). Most of the scammers do not know your name, only your email address and will address you as "Paypal Customer"
  • While not foolproof the senders address should always end with - it is possible to spoof the senders email address so don't rely on this alone
  • Spend a few minutes actually reading the email, are there spelling errors or obvious mistakes in the content - if so bin the email! 
  • The website you are taken to if you do click a link in the email to log in (we don't advise you click any links in the email!) will look like the ofificial Paypal website but will usually not be secure (the address won't start with https://) and the domain name (web addrerss) will not start with (click here to view an example of a scam site)
  • While it's never a good idea to click on links in spoof/scam emails they will always, without exception, take you to a confincing repplica of the site you are expecting

Don't get caught out by scam emails - be aware and only ever provide your login details on official websites and be skeptical of any emails advising you to follow a link to log into a site, chances are it could be a scam.

Paypal provide additional information on how to protect yourself from scams in their security advice pages.