Empower the Gambia

We love to hear how computers, laptops and other technology solutions from Manor Solutions are helping them, we've just had some great feedback from Empower the Gambia, a Swindon based group who work to benefit the communities of rural Gambia through education, training and empowerment.

Manor Solutions are officially brilliant! We needed to get a new laptop for our Saara Kunda link Barry (he puts up all the photos and video clips as well as running the Medical Centre and overseeing the sponsor programme and linking with the library, poultry, kitchen garden and schools projects. Manor Solutions have provided us before with a laptop and when they heard what it was for they gave us a note pad! Thank you so much!!!!

Joanna from Empower the Gambia

Find out more about Empower on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EmpowertheGambia