Laptops bought for cash
Whatever the condition, we buy used laptops for cash and provide a safe and secure recycling service for used laptops and PC's

You can send us details of the item (including as much of the specification and model information as possible) using the contact form on our contact us page or give us a call on 01793 533300.

Items we buy…

  • Laptops (all makes and models)
  • TFT/Flatscreen monitors

We’ll consider all laptops, even if they’re faulty, if you’re not sure give us a call on 01793 533300.

Secure recycling of PC systems…

We don’t currently buy used PC systems or accessories but can arrange for secure recycling of PC system units.

We physically disassemble all hard drives after erasing your data by wiping the drives contents beyond recovery, destroying file names and dates and finally removing it from the hard disk.


Laptops & desktops
Mac's & PC's
We repair them all!