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We are currently open from 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday and closed at weekends. Staff may be available at our repair centre outside of these hours but please call 01793 533300 to check.

Laptop Faults Repaired - Fixed Price Labour Charge of £49.95 + vat

Just because your laptop, MacBook or netbook has developed a problem doesn't mean it's come to the end of it's life.

Repairing damaged screens, overheating laptops or fixing a broken keyboard or trackpad can seem like an impossible task but at Manor Solutions our expert engineers can perform component level repairs on laptops and other mobile computers and resolve a whole array of problems for less than the cost of replacing the computer in most cases.

We offer a fixed price labour charge on our laptop repair service from £49.95 + vat on laptop repairs, including:

  • Loose DC/Power socket repair and replacement if your laptop won't charge.
  • Replacing power adapters or repairing connectors if your laptop isn't getting power.
  • Replacing broken, cracked or dim/distorted LCD screens.
  • Laptop screen inverter repair or replacement.
  • Data recovery, backup or transfer to a new computer
  • Replacing damaged keyboards, trackpads or replacing individual keys in the event of damage.
  • Replacing damaged laptop plastic casings, broken hinges or other cosmetic repairs.
  • Repairing cooling and fan problems on laptops and netbooks that cause the laptop to overheat.
  • Virus, Spyware and Adware removal including data recovery after virus damage.

We have a fully equipped workshop in Swindon to help deal with your requests and repairs for any brand of laptop or notebook computer.

All repairs are subject to our Repair Terms and Conditions.