Computer Repair and 30 Point Health Check Service - £59.95

Fixed Price Labour Charge of just £59.95 with an average turnaround of 1 to 3 days

Over time PC's can become slower and slower as more and more unnecessary programs work their way into the system, spyware and viruses don't help matters and even not having the latest updates from Microsoft can cause problems. If you've noticed your computer getting slower in recent weeks, taking ages to be ready for use when you switch it on (or taking an age to shut down!) you'd probably benefit from the Health Check service.

We can take care of your PC problems with our 30 point Health Check and repair service. So what does the service include?...

  • Software testing to ensure that your operating system is working correctly
  • Virus and malware/spyware scanning and removal (or windows re-installation if required)
  • Data backup and restore (if reuired)
  • Removing unnecessary or outdated software that may be clogging up your computer
  • Checking and, if required, correcting internet connection settings to improve performance
  • Complete hardware diagnostic testing including:
    • Power supply
    • PC/Laptop cooling fans
    • Hard drive(s)
    • Memory (RAM)
    • USB and peripheral ports
    • CD/DVD Drives

In addition the service also includes free anti-virus and anti-spyware, we'll even download all of the latest Windows updates to your computer! All for just £59.95.

All repairs are subject to our Repair Terms and Conditions.

Special Offer

Buy any upgrades (memory, hard drive, graphics cards, etc) and we'll fit them for free at the same time as completing your Computer Repair and Health Check so there's no additional labour charge - you only pay the one fixed price labour charge of £59.95 and the cost of the parts!