Info message

We are currently open from 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday and closed at weekends. Staff may be available at our repair centre outside of these hours but please call 01793 533300 to check.

We recycle old computer equipment down to the base metals

We don't currently buy used PC systems or accessories but can arrange for secure recycling of PC system units. We physically disassemble all hard drives after erasing your data by wiping the drives contents beyond recovery, destroying file names and dates and finally removing it from the hard disk.

Call us on 01793 533300 for details or bring your unwanted equipment to our shop in Cheney Manor.

We accept all forms of waste computer equipment. However, our facilities cannot receive equipment that contain Ozone Depleting substances and wastes that are made up predominantly of dust or powders.

Be green, recycle your unwanted computer, call 01793 533300